These ARE NOT SUPPRESSOR BY LAW! These will NOT COME Completely drilled out for you to immediately use with the firearm of your choice. These are however considered a Solvent Trap which can be attached to your firearm and used to clean your weapon of solvents after a day at the range or work. These devices will come in the following ways:

A) Either comes with drilled mono core inner with two end caps with no bore holes in them which mean you need to drill out the end cap AFTER YOU GET APPROVED BY THE ATF TO DO SO.

B) Your device will come with a tube, end caps with a pre-drilled bore hole in one, and with Inner metal cups WITH NO DRILLED HOLES in them. This means YOU need to drill out the bore holes ONCE YOU GET APPROVAL FROM THE ATF TO DO SO.

C) Your device comes with no tube but threaded cups that stack upon each other and are NOT DRILLED, but require YOU to drill the holes yourself ONCE YOU GET APPROVAL FROM THE ATF TO DO SO!

Are you catching a common theme here? YEP! YOU need to get approval from the ATF (that means the Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Agency) BEFORE your allowed to legally drill out these parts for use as a Sound Suppressor on a firearm of any kind!

I hope I have made myself clear to all customers and all the ATF Agents scoping out the website to ensure I am in compliance. If you have any questions of concerns please contact us directly at or you can get more info about the process on applying for permission from the ATF and filing your Form 1 paperwork here at the following link:


None of us here at ECHO-9er are willing to go to prison just so you can get your rocks off. Just Not happening.

Now back to our originally scheduled program..

Due to the size and age of our business, ECHO9er doesn't store already made products in large numbers in a warehouse somewhere like lots of our competitors out there do. Our customers satisfaction here at ECHO9er are very important to our companies success. With today's culture deeply rooted into social media and our devices, we are constantly connected to the world around us which makes it very easy for our customers to share their satisfied purchases and stories with their friends and family all over the world. But more importantly it magnifies the stories of customers who may have had not the best experience with a company. Which all the more reason we want every single customer to have a fantastic experience and is why we work hard to stay on top of our emails and customers questions and orders coming in and we ask all customers that may have somehow slipped through the cracks of this small team here at ECHO9er to contact us one more time and inform us of our negligence if they suspect an oversight. We are not afraid of the truth and definitely not afraid of working even harder to earn a customers trust and approval once more if something like this ever happens.

This being said, today with COVID-19 and the Wild land fires here in the Pacific Northwest among many other things happening in 2020-2021, shipping times for receiving our materials is nearly tripled and the same goes for our shipping and lead times of getting our finished products to your doorstep. With this in mind we ask all our customers to please expect a 15-25 day lead time before sending us the very angry emails and unsatisfied social media posts. It would mean a great deal to us here if you would come from a place of more understanding and less impatient, especially since we are all going through the same epidemics, political climate, and social unrest, and horrible new president that you all are.


ECHO9er Team


We Always Love Hearing From Our Customers. Here Are A Few Of Our Reviews!

"My first time ever ordering from these guys and because they were 1 day later than expect, and when I got my order they had added a $35 gift card to Red Robins with a hilarious note apologizing for the delay. Never seen anything like it. Customer for life now tho! Thanks Guys!"

James Kennick

 Lynnwood, WA

"The customer service rep I talked with over my order spent an hour and a half with me on the phone helping choose the right product. Incredible"

Leo Harrington

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